TAPI is a holistic think tank whose mission is to improve public policy discourse and promote informed debate on critical social, economic and environmental issues in Nigeria by uniquely combining in-depth research with a practical, solutions-oriented focus.
In terms of methodology, TAPI intends to

  • Provide non-partisan, objective foundations and proposals for integrated policymaking & planning;
  • Undertake in-depth analyses of key challenges facing the country and outline solutions;
  • Conduct research of an international standard designed to lay the basis for solutions to emphatically improve Nigeria’s Human Development Indices;
  • Monitor government’s performance and review received wisdoms and given assumptions in Nigeria amongst others in the fields of macro-economic, monetary and fiscal policy;
  • Suggest improvements to the efficiency of government in its key function enabling citizens to realize their aspirations and potential; and
  • Interact with national and international bodies committed to similar goals.